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Education and training is key when it comes to identifying risks, preventing & managing fraud, increase compliance and establish a culture of integrity.

Fraud pattern changes and the fraudulent industry is faster than the preventive measurements established by organizations.

Our clients appreciate tailored in-house training where the specific needs are taken up to ensure a focused and effective learning journey. For references, please directly contact us via one of the channels.

Raising awareness & Education are the first steps of prevention

Educational Formats

corporate learning & development

The training and education formats can be discussed and adjusted to your needs. Based on the experience the following three formats are the most efficient when it comes to corporate training and development.



The workshop format allows several members to attend a tailored workshop to focus on a specific skill set.

To ensure an effective learning journey, workshops consist of a follow-up after a specific period.



Being inspired by a short focused input keynote having one specific topic which is relevant to the organization on spot.

Typically less than one hour and often lead to a workshop or coaching to implement.



Supporting an entire team or an individual is the most effective, efficient and intense way to learn and develop.

This format has the biggest direct impact on the team, the individuals and the organization.

Selection of recent corporate learning & Development projects

clients inhouse-trainings

Interview Techniques

Audit Professionals
Indepth training for professionals to improve their interview skills during audits, reviews and investigations including the element of virtual interviews via their preferred technology

Social Engineering

Management Team
Management training (followed by an indepth team training to) understanding the root causes, vulnerabilities and establishing effective methods to prevent the organisation from becoming a victim of social engineering.

Fact Finding Report writing

Legal & compliance team
Training and mentoring the legal & compliance team to improve the skills when it comes to writing a fact finding report which will be distributed to several stakeholders.

Advanced Investigation skills

Fraud Examiners
Refreshing knowledge and implementing the new fraud patterns for a global team of experienced investigators.

Fraud Risk Awareness

New Joiners
Educating the new joiners about the fraud risk which specifically are on the fraud risk landscape of that organisation to raise the awareness as one of the preventive measurements in place. Thinking like a fraudster

Code of Conduct

Management & Crew
Educating the management team on and supporting with establishing followed by team training and implementing the Code of Conduct.

New Work

you & Your team

Investing in education is one of the key element when it comes to establishing and developing a culture of integrity. We support that journey by offering a new format that allows 24/7 access to relevant resources, experts and peers.

Corporate Integrity Concepts™ is the global movement towards a culture of corporate integrity. With the international development center of the Corporate Integrity Academy experts provides an in-depth learning experience paired with a community of like-minded professionals.